Welcome to
Be Well
by Sound Health Physicians

We Are Be Well.


We believe that wellness is more than a pill, potion, diet or fad.

It is more than a number on a scale or lab result.

Wellness is not a 15-minute office visit and a prescription.

It is about developing long-term, meaningful relationships with our client members.

We want to understand where you are coming from. We want to take a walk in your shoes.

We believe that wellness is active participation in your life, regular exercise, getting your zzz’s, fresh air and water, clean food, love, laughter, friends and family.

We believe: X = effective health care for U

We believe that relationships matter: we strive to be open, honest, accepting and constructive.

The most important person here is you.

You are empowered.

We will look at you and not our computers. Our hand will not be on the exam-room door knob.

We believe that we can together.

We want to be on this journey with you.

Be Fit. Be Beautiful. Be Strong. Be Happy. Be Well.

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